Exploiting the Power of Multiple Languages for Mathematics Learning

Co-creating individual solutions for facilitating your multilingual students in mathematics

Are you a mathematics teacher and interested in better supporting your multilingual students in understanding mathematics? In a team of like-minded peers and researchers, you will co-create tasks and activites that better address your multilingual students' learning needs, while also being engaging for your other students. A central prinicple for these activities is for students to reflect about the meaning of mathematics in multiple languages. This way, your students use their multiple languageas acitvely and for the benefit of understanding mathematics. By co-creating such solutions and by adapting them to your specific classroom, you will better understand your multilingual students' learning needs and how multilingual students can be facilitated in learning mathematics.

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Workshops for teachers to learn about facilitating multilingual students in mathematics

The project ML2 – Exploiting the Power of Multiple Languages for Mathematics Learning aims to promote the inclusion of multiple languages into the mathematics classroom. Particularly, it aims to promote harnessing learners' multiple languages as a resource for understanding mathematics.